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Hoang Long Technology Joint Stock Co.

Thuy Anh Trading And Service Co., Ltd.

Hung Thinh Service And Trading Co.,Ltd

M-Security Technology Indochina Pte. Ltd.

Tu Anh Development Technology Joint Stock Co.

Kinh Do Computer Co., Ltd.

Saigon Computer

V.E.N.R Trading Service & Computer Joint Stock Co.

Quoc Hoang Pte Ent

Chau Tien Co. Ltd

Esys Technologies Joint Stock Co.

Tran Loc Co.,Ltd.

Cong Thinh Shop

Computer USA Shop

Computer USA Shop

Duy Nguyen Computer Co.,Ltd

N.E.W.C Technology Investment Joint Stock Co.

NTT Informatics & Trading Co., Ltd.

Dong Duong Service & Trading Co.,Ltd.

Phu Hoang Co. Ltd

Hung Phat Joint Stock Co.

Nam Quoc Son Co. Ltd

Phuc An Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

D & H Pte Ent

Khai Thong Trading Services Technology Co.,Ltd.

Thanh Nhan Pte Ent

Blue Lotus Co., Ltd

DVH Joint Stock Co.

Truong Tien Hightech Co., Ltd.

MSC Joint - Stock Co.

Duy Hang Informatics Trading & Service Co.,Ltd

Dai Hoan Cau Pte Ent

Hoang Nhan Informatics Trading Service Co.,Ltd.

Dai Dong Tam Co.,Ltd

Minh Khoi Co., Ltd.

Bach Khoa Network Technology Co.,Ltd

Hung Long Computer Joint Stock Co.

Hiep Duy Co., Ltd.

Tan Thai Binh Co., Ltd.

Gp Service Co. Ltd

Van Xuan Informatics & Electronics Co.Ltd

Appied Investment Technology Joint Stock Co

Tuan Anh Private Enterprise.

Son Ha Computer Co., Ltd.

Thuy Linh Co., Ltd.

HK Co. Ltd

Sao Viet Trading & Informatics Service Supply Co., Ltd.

Phuong Nam Computer Co.Ltd

Phu Cuong Co.Ltd

Nhan Phat Trading & Investment Co.Ltd

Instrument & Services Technology Co.Ltd

Giang Nam ISC Co. Ltd

Quang Trading Infomatics Co.Ltd

Hung Long Infomatics Trading Joint Stock Co.

NGD Joint Stock Co.

Hop Phuong Co.Ltd

Hoang Thanh Investment & Technology Transfer Joint Stock Co.

Kim Tin Computer Co. Ltd

Long Binh Trading & Informatic Technology Co.,Ltd.

ATD Co., Ltd

Mai Phuong Informatic Co.,Ltd.

Nhan Sinh Phuc Co.,Ltd.

Viet Dong Co. Ltd

Commercial & Investment of Technology Co. Ltd

Commercial Information Technical Co. Ltd

My Tra Trading Co.,Ltd.

Computers & Environment Technology Research Centre

Dai Viet Investment Development Technology Co.Ltd

Tri Duc Co., Ltd.

HT Co., Ltd.

Hipt - Informatics & Trading Co. Ltd

Dong Tien Trading Co. Ltd

Duy Cuong Electric Electronic Telecommunication Information Technology

Phuc Nguyen Computer Co.,Ltd.

Vu Anh Lap Co., Ltd.

Ha Long Computer Co. Ltd

CTC Trading Services Co. Ltd

Planet Trading Manufacture Service Informatic Joint Stock Co.

Nguyen An Khang Co.,Ltd.

Dai Thinh Vuong Technology Co. Ltd

Quốc Tín Informatics Trading & Service Co., Ltd

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