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Thuan Quang Production Trading Services Co., Ltd.

Minh Nghia Pte Ent

Huu Nghi Engineering Co., Ltd.

Saigon Cholon Investment & Real Estate Joint Stock Co.

M.H.P Trading Construction Investment Share Holding Joint-Stock Co

Pham Vo Construction-Producing-Trading Co.,Ltd.

Minh Phan Co. Ltd

Ha Do 4 Joint Stock Co.

Minh Nguyen Construction Co., Ltd.

Saigon Investment Co., Ltd.

Thanh Thuy Shop

Thai Kha Trading Co., Ltd.

Binh Minh Bamboo Curtain Cooperative

BNP Co., Ltd.

Toan Thinh Phat Youth Architecture JSC

Phu Gia Hung Service & Trading Co. Ltd

Truc Giang Wooden Processing Pte Ent

Hong Long Trading & Service Co., Ltd.

New Technology Co., Ltd.

Bao Hung Furniture Co.,Ltd.

710 Construction Of Project Joint Stock Co

Hanoi Industrial Construction Co.

Thanh Phuong An Co., Ltd

Dong Tam JSC

Thanh Phong Trading Co., Ltd.

Tan Phat Unit

Hoang Long Construction & Trading Joint Stock Co.

Hung Minh Joint Stock Co.

510 Services Engineering Construction Joint Stock Co.

Festo Pte Ltd-Rep. Office

Construction Material & Interior Decoration Joint Stock Co.

Binh Minh Gas Trading Co., Ltd.

Đầu Tư Xây Dựng An Định Phát

Phuc Le

Thinh My Manufacturing And Trading Co., Ltd.

Dong Duong Industry Investment Construction Corp.

An Ha Co.,Ltd.

Hoang Phuoc Construction Trading Production Joint Stock Co.

Phuc Sinh Trading & Services Co., Ltd.

Huynh Gia Pte Ent

Le Tran Producing-Trading-Service Co., Ltd.

Tan Phat Unit

Hoa Cong Trading Construction Co., Ltd

Da Vang Construction & Design Co., Ltd.

Minh Tien Co., Ltd.

GMT Co.,Ltd.

Mechanized Execution Enterprise

Dong Nai Brick And Tile Joint Stock Co.

Hiep Thanh Agricultural Cooperative

MTS Viet Nam Co. Ltd

No.127 Construction & Trading Joint Stock Co.

Page Kirkland (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Minh Viet Pte Ent

Thien Tan Construction Trading Service Co.,Ltd.

Eugene Watelet

Tan Hiep Phu Trading Co., Ltd.

Tan Nha Vinh Production Trading Co., Ltd.

Giao Thuy Co., Ltd.

Vinh Bao Co., Ltd

Hieu Phuong Co., Ltd.

Thien Phuoc Shop

Sau Anh Co. Ltd

Soam Vina Plc.

Dong Nai 1 Civil & Commercial Construction Industrial Joint Stock Co.

Minh Tam Pte Ent

No. 135 Civil Engineering Construction & Investment Joint Stock Co.

Can Tho Cement Joint Stock Co.

Dong Nai Roof Sheet & Construction Material Joint Stock Co.

Hoa Binh Decoration JSC

Nhut Dung Interior Decoration Co., Ltd.

Tan Lap Son Co., Ltd.

Thien An Trading & Service Informatics Co. Ltd

Phuc Dat Co., Ltd.

Saint-Gobain Construction Products Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

71 Road Repair & Management Co.

Tai Phu Cua Trading Services Co., Ltd.

Hung Dung Construction Co., Ltd.

Phuong Thao Co., Ltd.

Saigon Gas Joint Stock Co.

Hung Phu Long Trading Service Co.,Ltd.

Hoan Cau Granite Branch Office

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