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Hoang Thinh Khang Co., Ltd.

Thanh Cong Thanh Co., Ltd.

Ampharco (Factory)

My Anh Trading Service Co., Ltd.

Inchem Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Xuan Dung Pte Ent

The National Pharmaceutical Co. No.1

4 Oranges Co., Ltd (Factory).

Dong Anh Gas Shop

3A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Viet Thuy Si Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Lam Minh Tri Import Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Dental Clinics Vietnam (Hanoi)

Hong Dung Pte Ent

J.Ray McDermott Asia Pacific Rep Office

Duc Viet Joint Stock Co.

Thuan Kieu Pte Ent

Thanh Hoa Petroleum Co.

Chemicals 138

Bao Son Gas Shop

Tai Duc Trading & Service Co., Ltd.

Tan Loi Phat Trading Manufacture Co., Ltd.

H.P.H Biology Co., Ltd.

Tan Dat Duong International Development Co.,Ltd.

Forewell Trading Co.,Ltd.

Arysta Lifescience Vienam Branch Office

Central Region Petrol Air Enterprise

Quoc Huy Pte Ent

Kim Ngan Pte Ent

Hoan My Hospital Co., Ltd.

Dental Clinic 2000-Branch 3 (Implant)

Petroleum Import Export Co. Zone 2

Vien Thien Industrial Supplies Joint Stock Co.

RV Lifesciences Ltd.

Viet Tinh Co., Ltd.

Quoc Thinh Son Co.,Ltd.

Nguyen Cuong Co., Ltd.

Sao Mai Vinh Phuc Pte Ent

Au Viet Pharmaceutials Trading Co., Ltd.

Nhat Hoa Co., Ltd.

Nguyen Hung Co., Ltd.

Base Korea Co. Ltd

Master Paint Joint Stock Co

International Sos (Hanoi Office/ Other)

Cong Thanh Gas Shop

Van Hung Pharma Co., Ltd

Dong Hung Thuan Trading Service Co., Ltd.

Minh Tuan Co., Ltd.

Saido Dental Clinic

Binh Thuan Service & Transportation Joint Stock Co.

O Seven Joint Stock Co.

Bien Hoa Chemical Factory

Phat Vinh Co., Ltd.

Huy Thinh Pharma Co., Ltd.

Cat Thanh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Kalbe International Pte. Ltd.

Tan Chinh Co., Ltd.

V.N.K Co., Ltd.

Phuoc Hoang Pte Ent

Tan Phong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Tan Hong Phuc Trading Co.,Ltd.

Thien Son Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Koseikai Dental Clinic

Hong Phuong Co., Ltd.

Tran Phong Pte., Ent

Viet Kien Co., Ltd.

Yung Chi Paint & Varnish MFG Co., Ltd. (VN) (Dong Nai)

Daklak Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment Joint Stock Co.

Minh Khanh Co.,Ltd.

Thanh Tan Pte Ent

TVT Trading Co.,Ltd.

Saido Service Trading Co., Ltd.

FV Hospital

Nong Phat Trading Co., Ltd.

Thanh Thai Thinh Co., Ltd.

Toan Hoa Co., Ltd.

Sun Dental Clinic

Duc Nha Co., Ltd.

Abbott Laboratories S.A.

NTMC Joint Stock Co.

Song Ha Trading Co., Ltd.

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