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from Jun 28, 2022 to Jun 28, 2023

(Hypertherma Therapy device)

AdieuLipo is RF Lipolysis device which enables body shaping, skin lifting and fat dissolution in a single device. Thanks to Hurev's exclusive technology, Focused RF, which offsets the constraints of monopolar/bipolar devices, allows more effective and safer use of the device. In addition, Automatic Power Control System and Rythmical Suction System prevents patient from thermal damage and enables intensive skincare to diverse skin types. 
As a result, Adieu Lipo offers clients to have better skin elasticity, fat loss effect, cellulite treatment and body shaping effect at once.

15" Modular type Patient Monitor, VM15STD1

from Jun 28, 2022 to Jun 28, 2023

VM15(15’’) is Modular type patient monitor. User can remove and combine the module easily following their needs. 
With user-friendly touch screen, durable handle, and extra transport monitor with 4.3” LCD, user can use patient monitor conveniently.
In particular, there is a transport module monitor, which makes it easier to check the patient's vital signs and can be used on other monitors.

Smoke evacuator - EvaQMax

from Jun 29, 2022 to Jun 29, 2023

* Procedure Operating Modes
The desire procedure can be set simply by touching the corresponding image. Automatically customizing suction default level based on desired surgical procedure.
* Longer Lasting Filter Life (up to 50 Hours) - Can save on running costs.
* Touch Screen - The touch screen panel can be operated while wearing gloves.
* Multi Port Design - Three different sized connection ports are designed to create an air-tight bond with the desired port. The port cover cap eliminates any possible contamination with the glove when connecting the hose to the unit.


from Jun 28, 2022 to Jun 28, 2023

DAIHAN® -86℃~-65℃ SMART Multiuse ULT Freezer, UniFreezTM Single Compressor,Ⅰ . Medicaluse &Ⅱ. Lab-use Smart-LabTM with WiReTM App, Programmable & Monitoring System, CFC-free Refrigerant, 393·503·714·796Lit
Ideal for Secure Storage of Vaccine·Viruses·Anatomy Components·Bio-products·DNA·Blood·Tissue Samples etc. in Lab & Industry

LasRhina - Laser Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Device

from Jun 28, 2022 to Jun 29, 2023

It is a medical device that investigates low-power lasers in the nasal cavity to restore normal cell function and reduce cell inflammation to treat pain relief and rhinitis, and is preparing to enter overseas markets with the launch in Korea.

This product consists of a main body including an operation unit and a laser probe (ratio) inserted into the nasal cavity, which can adjust the laser power depending on the child or adult application, and can be expanded by purchasing additional ratio.

You can improve your quality of life by investing a short amount of time every day.

Recommend this kind of person!

- allergic rhinitis
- Stuffy, Itchy nose
- Sneezing
- acute chronic rhinitis


from Jun 29, 2022 to Jun 29, 2023


1) Supports 5 types of TECAR methodology - All accessories are compatible
2) Therapeutically differentiated with other devices using diverse range of 300KHz, 500KHz, 1MHz frequency
3) Compared to traditional passive radiofrequency therapies, WINBACK offers dynamic and active therapies
4) Efficient treatment by aiding Physiotherapists' techniques and skills with TECAR energy
5) Use of BACK3 Color boosts natural healing process during treatment

Development of stable high-expression cell line

from Jun 28, 2022 to Jul 25, 2023

We develop stable, high-expression cell lines with high productivity.
Using Prestige Biologics' patent, “Bicistronic Expression Vector”, we provide the best cell line to our customers.

Content of technology
Production of a promoter including the first expression cassette and the second expression cassette together
It was confirmed that the light and heavy chain genes of antibody therapeutics can be highly expressed together with the amplified gene

A Good Day Saimdang Shampoo

from Jun 27, 2022 to Jun 27, 2023

Wipe away dirt and waste from your scalp. 
It helps to keep the damaged or rough hair healthy by eliminating waste material, one of the causes of hair loss. 
So hair loss is prevented. 
It helps make your stimulated scalp comfortable and healthy. 
It provides nourishment. It allows you to have healthy and beautiful hair. It provides a level and calm hair all day long. 
This hair is maintained and damaged, giving the dry hair a moisturizing power. It contains over 60 natural ingredients.

GALENIC eyelash Tonic & Essence

from Jun 27, 2022 to Jun 27, 2023


The Lupine Galenic Eyelash Tonic and Essence makes your eyelashes and eyebrows healthier, longer and more beautiful.
Lupine Galenic Eyelash Tonic and Essence minimized irritation when used, with Sangmodan ingredients extracted from 11 herbal natural ingredients such as a Chinese matrimony vine and Shrubby sophora root.  Lupine Galenic Eyelash Tonic forms a thin moisturizing nourishment layer between eyelashes or hair roots that are exhausted and weak due to frequent eyelash extensions and external harmful environments. It also helps to embellish a beautiful shape of eyes by absorbing highly concentrated nutrients through an eyelash essence. 

Celluver Hair Perfume Essence Oil

from Jun 26, 2022 to Jun 26, 2023

100ml 7 types

Celluver Argan Perfume Hair Essence Oil with Chiffon Perfume’s scent includes the ingredients of 8 botanical seed oils to do care and coat for hair.

Namely, It has functions to keep the hair from damages.
For whom

1 ) frizzy hair due to electricity
2 ) rough, damaged care
3 ) extremely damaged hair which is easy to cut with just grapping



from Jun 27, 2022 to Jun 27, 2023


The TRANSFORMERS Z can change from robot form to vehicle form.
You can fully experience the 4 steps to IRINGO’s differentiation 



The product include an assembly manual that can make the 
TRANSFORMERS Z  that can transform to the car and 
other sub products.

Quantity of parts(per box): 61pcs
weight: 344g
Box size: 190*165*67(mm)


Trouble Care Oil

from Jun 26, 2022 to Jan 30, 2023

1. BASED ON 5 DIFFERENT NATURAL OILS - It is made with jojoba & grape seeds and cypress oil to protect the skin and prevent damage.
2. STRENGTHEN SKIN BARRIER - It strengthens the damaged skin barrier and helps control skin moisture with powerful moisturizing effects to form a healthy skin barrier.
3. CALMING SKIN - It contains a large amount of phytoncide to soothe tired skin and prevent skin aging with ingredients in grape seed oil.
4. INTENSIVE HYDRATION - Makes moist & firm skin due to having sufficient moisturizing and tea tree oil and tamanu oil ingredients help balance the moisture of the skin.


from Jun 26, 2022 to Jun 26, 2023


-Geared motors are used in lots of industrial fields that need transmission of Power

-Completed standardized mass production process leading increased productivity and shortened lead- time

-Motor integrated type

-For general industrial transmission(medium, small size)

-Long life and High efficiency


-Power: 0.2kW~15kW

-Reduction Ratio: 1/5~1/600

-Product type: Horizontal, Vertical


from Jun 23, 2022 to Jun 22, 2023


Shorten the growth period of plants and grow all year round, increasing farm yields.
Using the entire wavelength band, shows natural spectrum and natural light, not extreme blue or pink
High CRI close to sunlight and gives natural light.
Effective wavelength for plant growth by utlizig the advantage of LED
Accelerates harvest with wavelength.


CRI : Over 95Ra
Power  : 12W
Lumen  : 1,020 lm
Color Temperature : 3,500K



Thermal Camera

from Jun 23, 2022 to Jun 23, 2023


1) Thermal imaging camera with temperature exception alarm for fire prevention
2) With the deep learning algorithm, it can detect line crossing, intrusion, region entrance, and region exiting.
3) 256X192 resolution, -20°C to 150°C detection range
4) It can be widely applied to construction sites, waste incineration plants, manufacturing workshops, parking lots, warehouses, etc


• 256 × 192 resolution, 12 μm
• NETD < 40 mK (25°C, F1.0)
• Video content analysis: vehicle/human classification
• -20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F), ± 8°C (± 14.4°F)
• Fire detection & VCA AI DEEP Learning
• 3 temperature measurement rule types, 21 rules in total
• 2 Alarm IN/OUT


Koral Natural Toothpaste with Vitamins and Organic Ingredients

from Jun 23, 2022 to Jun 23, 2023

Mild & Soft Toothpaste

 - Mild & Soft Toothpaste
• Natural and Organic ingredients.
• Designed by Minjee Kang, famous Korean fashion illustrator and author
• Available for All Ages
• High quality American peppermint oil
• Vegan friendly formula

-Technical Detail/Specifications
• Formulated with vitamin B and C
• Inclusion of Folic Acid makes this toothpaste safe for Pregnant Women and their Children
• Free of 12 toxins and contaminants commonly found in other toothpastes


Centella Unscented Serum

from Jun 23, 2022 to Jul 18, 2023

This serum rejuvenates the skin by strengthening its barrier. It contains essential Centella ingredients to restore a damaged skin barrier and soothe irritated skin. The Centella Asiatica Extract and Panthenol help calm the irritated skin preventing further inflammation. If your skin is stressed using too many products with various ingredients that do not fit your skin, give your face a break and help it restore by using the Centella Unscented Serum.


from Jun 20, 2022 to Dec 30, 2022

No.1 Professional bee venom cosmetic maker in the World.

Founded in 2004, Chung Jin Biotech Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Bee Venom Collector and Honeybee Artificial Insemination Instrument. We constantly invest in research and development to attain the best quality in our products, and through this effort, we have acquired world-class technology and expertise.

The Bee Venom Collector, our flagship product, has been given a new device patent and a new technology certificate for its excellence. Beyond this accomplishment, we are continuously working to develop further through new technologies. Our customers are always our top priority, and we will do our best to develop together with customers

Chungjin Biotech has been researching bee venom for over 15 years, and has released cosmetics containing bee venom, and there are mask packs & serums that help improve wrinkles.

Licote Personal Urine Analyzer

from Jun 19, 2022 to Dec 30, 2022

The challenge of Brain tech, which is always doing the best in invisible places for more comfortable lifestyle, is still ongoing.
Licote, the personal smart home healthcare IVD device, consists of a device that detects chemical changes in the dipstick, and a smartphone application that analyzes and sotre the change vludes. Licote offers insights into:
1) Family health: monitoring adult diseases such as kidney · live diseases, urinary tract infection, diabetes, and etc., 
2) early detection of diseases with pet urinalysis for you pet,
3) drinking water quality: detection of harmful inorganic substances such as various heavy metals,
4) free radical concentration test in relation to aging, onset of adult diseases, cancer, etc. thereby guaranteeing proper, timely treatment by analyzing various health indicators.
Licote can be used at home, nursing homes, or medical facilities in isolated areas at a reasonable price.

Hwang Geum Dong

from Jun 16, 2022 to Jul 11, 2023

Hwang Geum Dong is an eco-friendly fertilizer manufactured using patented technology. It is a fertilizer for pest control that can replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This product has been certified by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) in Korea, so it can be used safely. Hwnag Geum Dong contains sulfur and neem oil as main raw materials, so it suppresses the spawning of pests, reduces the number of pests, is effective in inhibiting bacteria, fungi and viruses caused by high temperature and humidity, and helps in growth and development. Hwang Geum Dong is economical and competitively priced compared to other products because it is inexpensive and can be used with a small capacity.  This product can be used for crops that are about to be shipped without leaving traces after fertilizer treatment, and users can use it conveniently and efficiently because no sediment is formed even when stored for a long time.
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