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MBT is a brand of Transformer products, transformer manufacturer that have a high reputation in the market. With the strength of experience and technological lines in manufacturing, a good team of engineers, skilled technical workers, and abundant customer partners in many areas, so we are always leading about quality of service (transformer maintenance) and price. MBT Electrical Equipment JSC offers a wide range of dry type transformer and oil immersed transformer, sealed type transformer for solar energy applications and components, replacement parts, and services. With the amorphous transformer, distribution transformer, oil immersed transformer, power transformer manufacturing basis and strict quality control process, MBT can supply and manufacture top quality transformer in Vietnam and the world. Whether you need transformers, three phase transformer, three phase amorphous transformer, sealed type transformer, open type transformer, solar transformer, RMU cabinnet for AC or DC voltages, 50-60 Hz and IEC or IEEE standards, MBT transformer company technologies and innovations can increase solar reliability while reducing impact environment and reducing life cycle costs. MBT solar transformer are designed for installation in all environmental conditions. Generation units are custom designed to meet all applicable standards, regulations, and customer specifications. Oil immersed transformer and dry type transformer are rated for their solar generating capacity and array voltage level, meeting all applicable standards and regulations in force and energy efficiency. Oil filled transformer, power transformer rating can be manufactured and tested with mineral oil or liquid ester (natural or synthetic). We design, manufacture, and supply all kinds of electrical cabinet, types of transformer, transformer materials, transformer oil with a dedicated project manager and a 24-month guarantee from dispatch. With the business motto: "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all," and over 11 years of experience in transformer design and Transformer supplier. We, MBT, are confident of being the best Transformer manufacturer in Vietnam.

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Seiki Innovations Vietnam Limited Company is a developed industrial supply manufacturer with the collaboration of Japanese and Vietnamese experts in the metal supply industry. The manufacturer is located in Dai Dong - Hoan Son IP, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. Our clients will enjoy the full benefit of our products in many different industries such as machinery, medical, electronic and food production, etc. We provide the designing concept and production of desired sheet metal, constructional steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and non-ferrous materials. Idea to a Completed product:Idea -Design – Engineering – Manufacturing – Coating – Assembly. The engineer team is ready to help you develop new products. We provide assistance from the early stage. With our expertise we can turn your ideas into possibilities from starting to completing. Facilities:The facilities are equipped with the most modern technologies from the leading Japanese brands such as Amada Turret Punching machine PEGA 357, Komatsu Fine Plasma, Amada CNC Press Brake machine, Mori Seiki CNC machine, Okuma CNC Milling machines, Panasonic MIG/TIG/TAG welding machines, Mitutoyo measuring instruments. Quality:All manufacturing processes and final quality checks are met by the ISO 9001:2008 by ISC - Australian standard.Our experienced engineers and technicians will surely provide solutions to satisfy your quality requirements. Not only we provide quality products ,we also provide competitive pricing to keep our client’s cost down to minimum. Price and services:We provide a variety of products from sheet metal to constructional steel. We accept all orders from large quantity to small quantity with consistency of great quality and services.We are located in an essential area with convenient ground and sea transportation, human resource is also in abundant which allows us to keep our product at low cost for our clients. Our motto is "Global Quality with Local Price”.

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Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 originated from Power Design Department belonged to the Southern Power Company (1975). Due to the demands for development of power plants and power networks, on 13th February, 1979 Minister of Electricity and Coal had the Decision No. 04/T/TCCB on establishing the Sub-institute of Power Design and Planning belonged to the Power Company 2; and on 7th May, 1986 Ministry of Energy had the Decision No. 128/L/TCCB to rename the Sub-institute of Power Design and Planning to the Energy Center. Right after the establishment of Electricity of Vietnam, the Energy Center directly belonged to Electricity of Vietnam at the Decision No. 429/VNTCCB-L dated 4/6/1995. On 7th April, 1999 Minister of Industry signed the Decision No.17/1999/Q-BCN on reforming Energy Center to Power Engineering Consulting Company 3. On 26th January, 2007 Minister of Industry issued the Decision No. 335/Q-BCN on equitizing Power Engineering Consulting Company 3 to Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3. Over 40 years of operation and development, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 has continuously developed and always completed all assigned tasks. Consequently, the company was awarded one Third-Class Independence Medal, One First-Class Labor Medal, one Second-Class Labor Medal by the State and many Certificates of Merit by the Prime Minister and Ministry of Industry Headquarters Co. is located in: - Head Office: 32 Ngo Thoi Nhiem St, Ward 7, Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Phone: (+84) 2822211169 - Fax:(+84) 2839307938 - Email: - Website:

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