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Phu Thang Co., Ltd.

De Khang Phu Thanh Seafood Processing Co. Ltd

Seafood Processing And Export Factory No. II

An Thanh Unit

Hoa Binh Biochemical & Environment Joint Stock Co.

Hai Van Co., Ltd.

30/4 Seafood Processing Joint Stock Co.

Coffee 720 Co.,Ltd.

Ninh Binh Aquatic Products Co.

C.P Vietnam Livestock JSC. (Representative Office)

Khiet Khoa Pte Ent

Thanh Cong Co.,Ltd.

Diamond Production Co., Ltd.

Bright Sea Co., Ltd.

Gentraco Corporation

Hung Hanh Seafood Co.,Ltd

Ninh Thuan Trading & Services Joint Stock Co.

Investment Commerce Fisheries Corp.

Ca Mau Foods & Fishery Export Joint Stock Co.

Nghe An Brewery Joint Stock Co.

Son Nu Co., Ltd.

Vietnam Association Of Seafood Exporters And Producers

Vinh Nghi Trading Service Transportation Co., Ltd.

Dai Thanh Joint Stock Co.

Ngu Da Distributor Brewery Centre

Minh Tam Shop

Ha Thanh Thanh Co., Ltd.

Ngoc Thien Pte Ent

Dong Loi Co.,Ltd.

Hung Hop Trading & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Tan Tien Pte Ent

Nhan Loc Co., Ltd.

C.P Vietnam Livestock J.S.C

Hai Duy Co., Ltd.

L.H Pte Ent

Quang Ngai Agricultural Food Joint Stock Co.

Dong Bang Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Sea Viet Service Trading Production Co. Ltd

Lien Viet Trading & Manufacture Co., Ltd

Nam Trung Ha Joint Stock Co.

2/9 Daklak Import Export One Member Ltd. Co.

East Sea Fishery Corp.

Hakucho Trade & Production Joint Stock Co.

Development Rural Amenities Joint Stock Co.

Vian Joint-Stock Co.

Lien Phuong Coffee Co. ,Ltd.

Nam A Production & Investment Co., Ltd.

Bac Giang Beer-Beverage Co.

Danh Phong Co., Ltd.

Kim Son Nong Co.,Ltd.

Anh Huu Co., Ltd.

Ha Long Aquatic Products Exploitation & Service Branch Office

Tan Hoa Co., Ltd.

SaiGon Agriculture Incorporation - SAGRI

Tri Thanh Co., Ltd.

Mosfly Vietnam Joint Stock Co.

Hạ Long Sea Product Exploting & Service Joint-Stock Co

C.P Seeds Vietnam Co.

Thuận Nông Co., Ltd

Co. 128 Joint-Stock Co

Vine Group Quality Hospitality

Long Binh Raising Co.,,Ltd.

Tan Phu Tai Pte Ent

Nam Hai Co. Ltd

Andira Vietnam Rep Ofiice

Chiao Puh Arriculture Co., Ltd.

Tan Nhu Y Seafood Unit

27/7 One Member Limited Co.

Cau Tre Export Goods Processing Company

Highland Dragon Enterprise Plc.

Bien Dong Trading Service Co., Ltd.

Seagift Co.,Ltd.

Toan Thinh Co., Ltd

Nhan Ai Joint Stock Company

Minh Minh Co., Ltd

Lien Minh Co., Ltd

Thien Sinh Joint Stock Co.

Thuong Dinh Trading & Production Co., Ltd.

Pham Tuan Kiet Co., Ltd.

Da Dang Co., Ltd.

Huy Nam Trading Service Co. Ltd

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