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Sau Banh Trading Co., Ltd.

Cuu Long Seafood Joint Stock Co.

Thanh Hai Foods Co., Ltd.

Minh Khai Trading Co., Ltd.

Quoc Te Viet My Co. Ltd

International Mix Joint Venture Co. (Intermix)

Toan Loi Co., Ltd

Truc Tam Trading Co., Ltd.

Monsanto Thailand Co., Ltd.

Long An Seafood-Agriculture Processing Co., Ltd.

Saigon Plant Protection State Co., Ltd.

Quang Ngai Agricultural Food Joint Stock Co.

Phuoc Long Services Agricultural Cooperative

Thanh Son Trading Co., Ltd.

Nam Phong Pte Ent

Girimex Co.

Nam Dinh Honey-Bee Branch Office

Thuan Kieu Trade And Agricultural Service JS Co.

Dong Hai Food Marine Agricultural Products Co.,Ltd.

Thanh Hoa Agricultural Products & Foodstuff Co.

Ha Noi Trading Service Co. Ltd.

Kim Tu Pte Ent

Saigon - Daklak Beer Joint Stock Co.

Hoan My Industrial & Construction Co., Ltd

Hoa Thinh Joint Stock Co.

Duc Tao Co., Ltd.

Hong Hong Phat Co.,Ltd.

Saigon Growth Pte Ent

My Van Pig Breeding Co

Tan Hung Investment Joint Stock Co.

Pacific Beer Co., Ltd.

Saigon Plant Protection State Co. Ltd

Trac Viet Co. ,Ltd.

Lu San Co.,Ltd.

Duc Thanh Co., Ltd

Van Hung Pte Ent

United Seafood Packers Co.,Ltd.

Nguon Phuoc Co., Ltd.

Hoa Phat Co., Ltd.

Vinh Hoa Co., Ltd.

Thanh Phuong Co., Ltd.

Kim Phu Hoa Co., Ltd.

Materials & Products Processing Enterprise 1

Cat Tien Co., Ltd.

Hoang Duy Unit

Bio Vietnam Co., Ltd.

American Equipment Technology Corp.

Kangaroo Indochine

Master Plan Joint Stock Co.

Sitto Vietnam Co., Ltd.

An Huy B.T Co., Ltd.

Thanh Thuy Pte Ent

Giang Vu Co. Ltd

Da Lat Chicken Breeding Joint Stock Co.

Concordia Co.

Amberwood Trading Co., Ltd

Dat Lanh Co.,Ltd.

Viet Y Trading Construction Co., Ltd.

Garnisof Agricultural Fertilizer Organic Unit

Khai Hoan Pte Ent

Vietnam Aquatic Product Plc.

Bischofberger Ag Rep Office

Viet Nam Housewares

Ha Long Seafood Service Exploitation Co.

Luong Nong Trading & Production Co., Ltd.

Binh Chanh Plant Joint Stock Co.

Dai Truong Thinh Production Trading Services Co., Ltd.

Coca-Cola Beverage Vietnam Ltd.

Young King Co. Ltd

O.P.S Co., Ltd

Nam Sai Gon Joint Stock Co.

Thanh Long Animal Feed Co., Ltd.

Hoang Nam Pte Ent

Viet Thang Loi Co., Ltd

Hiep Hoa Binh Co., Ltd.

Little Angels Pte Ent

Long Hoang Gia Seeds Co., Ltd

Binh Dong Wheat Flour State Owned Co.

Andira Vietnam Rep Ofiice

Chinh Hung Co., Ltd

Phuong Nam Shop

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