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Son Minh Production & Trade Co., Ltd.

Hiep Le Co., Ltd.

Bao Tin-Manh Hai Golden & Precious Stones Co., Ltd.

National Jewelry Company Of Ho Chi Minh City Bank For Agriculture & Ru

MB Vietnam Corporation Limited

Kim Hoa Pte Ent

Bac Giang Gold, Silver & Gemstones Co.

Thuy Nga Fashion Company

Tuan Kim Thanh Pte Ent

Tuan Phong Garment Import Export Co., Ltd.

Hong Ngoc Co.,Ltd.

Dai Nguyen Pte Ent

Korea Fine Chemical Vietnam Co.

Phu Bang Trading Co., Ltd.

Hai Quyen Unit

Khai Duyet Manufacture Trading Co., Ltd.

Hanoi SJC Jewelry J.S.C

Thuan Anh Pte Ent

Ngoc Minh Trading Co., Ltd.

Kovina Fashion Inc.

Kim Sinh Jewellery Pte Ent

Viet Huy Clothing Product & Trading Co. Ltd

Lien Huong Fashion Pte Ent.

Hitex Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Lien Phong Leather Goods & Artificial Leather Production Unit

Khanh Lien Unit

Nghe Phong Knitting Manufacture Trading Co., Ltd.

Ngoc Dieu Pte Ent

Nguyen Chau Co., Ltd.

Duy Jewelry Unit

Tuyet Lan Shop

Le Vi Garment Co. Ltd

K & K Production Trading Co. Ltd

Tan Dong Quang Pte Ent

Nhan Dao Tri Tue Garment Co., Ltd.

My My Co., Ltd.

Viet Khoa Trading Production Co., Ltd.

Chau Tai Phuc Jewellery Pte Ent

Phong Thanh Leather Pte Ent

Thanh Thanh Pte Ent

Tan Tam Unit

Hana Jewelry VN Co.

Dong Do Pte Ent.

Kim Hong Shop

Viet Thy Fashion Trading Manufacture Import-Export Co., Ltd.

Nhon Phong Pte Ent

S&M Service Trading Joint Stock Co.

Kim Tin Dung Pte Ent

Hoang Anh Pte Ent

Beijing Dongtai Yang Guang Textile Co.,Ltd.

Cuu Nguyen Co.

Binh Cong Vy Co.,Ltd.

Pan Pacific Corp.

Planet Sport & Trading Joint Stock Co.

Hoang Giang Tailor Co.,Ltd.

Hong Phat Plastic Footwear Production Unit

Kim Loan Pte Ent

Nguyen Duc Trading Service Production Co., Ltd.

SJC Minh Khai Jewelry Joint Stock Co.

Thuy An Shop

Gia Dinh Joint Stock Co.

Duy Han Unit

Nhu Hoan Pte Ent

Style Fashion Co., Ltd.

Anh Vang Co., Ltd.

Xixin Zhenwei Tannery-Rep. Office

Kim Hue Pte Ent

Cong Danh Unit

Hoang Anh Pte Ent

Tien Thanh Unit

Son Tung Vuong Co.Ltd

Nhu Thanh Phat Trading Production Pte Ent

Proceeding Co., Ltd.

Phu Lam Shoes Joint Stock Co.

Kim Quang Pte Ent

Giang Sinh Co., Ltd.

Duc Hien Pte Ent

Sơn Việt Garment JSC

DX Group

Nguyet Anh Co., Ltd.

Truong Thinh Garment Co., Ltd.

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