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Thien Long Informatics Technology Co., Ltd.

W2G Similation System & Technology Development Joint Stock Co.

PT Promotion Technology Joint Stock Co.

Boeim Tech Co., Ltd.

Tan Nam Viet Trading Development & Production Joint Stock Co.

Digital Solutions Global Co., Ltd.

3H Vietnam Joint Stock Co.

Mai Huy Phuc Trading-Service Co., Ltd.

Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tam Bat Co., Ltd.

Information Development & Media Joint Stock Co

Thanh Nhu International Trading Joint Stock Co.

Phu Ha Co., Ltd

Bluecom Joint Stock Co.

Dao Nguyen Service Production And Trading Co., Ltd.

Tien Manh Trading Co., Ltd

Hop Thanh Trading Co.,Ltd.

Trading & Informatics Development Joint Stock Co.

Cavinet Co., Ltd.

Tan Phuc Co., Ltd.

Minh Long Trading & Service Co.,Ltd

Minh Chinh Joint - Stock Co.

Xuan Thu Trade & Technical Co., Ltd.

Hoang Thanh Trade & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Oriental TG Co.,Ltd.

Nguyen Phuc Co.,Ltd.

Ha Thang Co., Ltd.

Otas Co., Ltd.

Thien Phu Trading Technology Co.,Ltd

Sao Nam Office Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Nam Thanh Informatic Technique JSC

Thanh My Co., Ltd.

Thien Hop Informatic Joint Stock Co.

Nomovok Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Khang Thinh Technology & Trading Co

Microsoft Vietnam (Hanoi Branch )

VHS International Business Investment Co., Ltd.

Minh Anh Trade - Services - Investment Co., Ltd

Tu Gia Investment & Techonology Development Co.,Ltd.

Cartridge World Vietnam (Hanoi Office)

Hoang Nguyen Co.,Ltd

Minh Quang Co.,Ltd.

Dai Bac Mechanical Workshop

Nguyen Tran Tin Service Trading Co., Ltd.

Vietnam Business Machine Co., Ltd.

Anh Nhi Co.,Ltd.

Quang Anh Informatics Co., Ltd.

Tuan Minh Co., Ltd

Kit-it & Telecom Co., Ltd

CDS Solution Corp

Business & Basic Technical Services Co. Ltd

Dat Viet Industry & Trading Joint Stock Co.

Daisy Information Technology Co. Ltd

Duc Hieu Office Information Development & Trading Co., Ltd.

Digital Technologies Joint Stock Co.

Dung Hien Trading & Informatics Co., Ltd.

Sara Ecom JSC

CTC Trading Co.,Ltd.

Bach Kim Joint Stock Co.

Hanoi Software Joint Stock Co.

Minh Loi Trading Pte Ent

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Co., Ltd

Lien Anh Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Anh Hao Trading Services Co., Ltd

ITC Trading & Service Technology Joint Stock Co

Mai Hoang Co., Ltd.

Techdata Vietnam Joint Stock Co.

Da Phuc Trading & Technology Co., Ltd.

Danko Informatics Technology & Trading Joint Stock Co

Denet Joint Stock Co.

Dong Hai Technology Co., Ltd.

Vietnam NVAD Joint Stock Co.

Thanh Phat Computer Co., Ltd.

Tinh Thanh Co., Ltd

An Phuc Pte Ent

Intro Co., Ltd.

Phep La Co., Ltd

Tan Dai Phu Trading Service Co., Ltd.

Thanh Liem Co., Ltd.

Office Machine Quipment Co., Ltd.

Dinh Quang Co., Ltd.

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