[ZTON 200]Aerial Work Platform of Z-Ton Group Corporation


Description of the Product

An Aerial Work Platform(AWP) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. Aerial Work Platforms may provide additional features beyond transport and access, including being equipped with electrical qutlets or compressed air connectors for power tools.

AWP may also be equipped with specialist equipment, such as
[1] Carrying frames for window glass
[2] Light maintainence
[3] Tree trims
[4] Replace sign board
[5] Wall painting & cleaning and many more

**Price : 40000(without truck)

*Detail :
  • Max. Working Height : 20.2m
  • Max. Working Radius : 12m(100kg)
  • Boom Type : Pentagon box / 5 sections
  • Bucket material : Aluminium
  • Max. Platform Capacity: 300kg
  • Type: Hydraulic Motor Driven Worm & Spur Gear
  • Turntable Slewing : 330degree
  • Pump Operation type: P.T.O from vehicle

Price of the Product

From 40000.00 USD