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uv curing system, uv lamp

#Company Introduction
Ms tech the uv lamp,uv curing System,uv cleaning System and uv led and uv as a professional company to manufacture and technology. Uv products that we make show excellent performance in quality and function. Our products are exported worldwide in recognition of their excellent performance.
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Product description

  • Printing, film, cell phones, coating, timber, wood applied to many areas, including uv the surface of the products using the drying, curing, exposure, used adhesive, cleaning and reforming lamp.  
  • High pressure mercury lamp is developed for the optical chemistry reaction plant and it’s mercury steam pressure while operation is 1~10 bar having wide UV ranged line spectrum and is used for various fields as the UV lighting source which polymerizes UV metalized type ink paints adhesives using these line spectrums. 

Technical Details

  • Long life,(over 1.000HR Warrant)best price/performance. supply within 7days, all product can be made to order. available up to 2400mm 


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