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Description of the Service

A complete solution
From cartesian to articulated, we’ve worked it …
With over 30 years of experience, in various different sectors, we are able to select the best Robot suited for your application. Whether its to replace a repetitive, manual operation, or guide hazardous materials. We can design a solution that helps to improve your processes whilst reducing the overall cost.
The most advanced platform available, perfect for complicated tasks such as assembly, glazing, welding, gripping etc. They have the most degrees of freedom with six axis … and a seventh if a linear slide is introduced.
Perfect for very quick, high accuracy applications.
Ideal when a large working envelope is needed. They are designed for simple tasks (eg pick and place) that only need the three basic axes (XYZ).
The spider looking one, low payloads … but very fast.
Our team of mechanical, controls and electrical engineers can piece together the perfect robotic solution to fit your needs.

Price of the Service

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