Premium Lighting (LED) Kitchen Light (YAKL1280 C/W) (YAKS780 C/W) of YUNAM TECH Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Unlike conventional LED lighting, it uses patented technology-based light guide panel to provide comfortable light without glare.
Also, it does not use a milky white light diffusion plate, providing crystal clear and deep light, and has special value in design.

This product is made for residential use, and is specialized in kitchen environment.

Model : YAKL1280 C/W
- Size(mm): 1280*200*30
- Power: 50W
- Luminous Flux: ≥6,650lm
- Color Temp: 3500k-6000K

Model : YAKS780 C/W 
- Size(mm): 780*200*30
- Power: 40W
- Luminous Flux: ≥6,650lm
- Color Temp: 3500k-6000K

Price of the Product

Price not indicated