Low Temperature Curing Shutter Systemㅣ facility uv equipment of MS TECH


Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

  • APPLICATIONS : Various Optical Films and Hard Coatings
  • Model No. : MSBT-16KO
  • Light Source : General UV Lamp + Metal Halide UV Lamp
  • Power Supply : AC 3Φ/ 220V/380V 50㎐/60㎐
  • Cooling System : Air Cooling
  • Valid Exposure Width : 90~200 mm Variable
  • Reflector : cold Mirror
  • Dimension( W x D x H )2000 * 250 * 350 
  • Option : Cold mirror,Hot mirror,UV Sensor

Description of the Product

  • This equipment is an exclusive model used for producing various optical films whose demand is explosively increasing by growth of Display market.
  • Guarantees high productivity using high powered light source and excellent compatibility with UV Dosage, Temperature, Lifetime of UV lamp and variable product features which are required in the products disposed and is optimized.
  • Basic setting of control parameters is carried through Touch Screen and is widely used in Graphics section (Offset, Graure, OPV, Screen etc.) as a unit in the In Line System.
  • The temperature control inside Lamp House and Chamber consists of independent Feedback System can is able to maintain the temperature of the chamber as ambient temperature, and improved response to various products with compatibility between lifetime of UV lamps, UV Uniformity and various light sources, and excellent durability of UV and temperature of mechanical materials together with adopting variable output electronic ballast.
  • There is Constant Intensity Controller as an option and precise control of UV intensity is available.