Flexible Double Sided UV Curing System

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Ms tech the uv lamp,uv curing System,uv cleaning System and uv led and uv as a professional company to manufacture and technology. Uv products that we make show excellent performance in quality and function. Our products are exported worldwide in recognition of their excellent performance.
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Product description

  • This equipment is a suitable model for producing PSR and marking Cure of various PCBs such as BGA and FPCB etc.
  • It can be used in various PCBs and is a model made with a purpose of low temperature curing by applying effective cooling system.e
  • Easy setting and control of needed UV energy are available by applying Power Controller which is able to adjust output of the lamp
  • Designed for easy maintenance by using PLC Controller and Touch Panel etc. .
  • To apply Quartz roll or 3 Point roll according to products to be produced.
  • To discharge products with a temperature near to ambient temperature by installing a cooler at the feeding slot and the discharge slot.

Technical Details

  • Model No. : MSCOM-9KO
  • Light Source : General UV Lamp + Metal Halide UV Lamp
  • Power Supply : AC 3Φ/ 220V/380V 60㎐/50㎐
  • Cooling System : Air-Cooling
  • Valid Exposure Width : 510mm x 610mm
  • Reflector : COLD Mirror, HOT Mirror
  • Dimension( W x D x H ) : 2000 * 800* 1300


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