Drum Pumps (DR Series) of CHEONSEI IND.CO.,LTD.


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Description of the Product

Centrifugal pumps for transferring and dividing liquid in Drum(Container)
- Removing unstable elements of pump performance with sealless structure
- Maintenance cost can be reduced remarkably due to the robust design against the indeliberate dry run for a short period.
  (Max. 15 minutes)
- Preventing motor damage by installing of dual safety device in the motor
- high strength material for preventing impact and strong chemical resistance material are applied to Motor casing
- Transferring various chemicals and raw materials

**Price(FOB) : USD 420.00~1200.00

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

- Flow : 80 ~ 165L/min                         
- Head : 0 ~ 22m                                                             
- Viscosity : 0 ~ 1,200cp                         
- Maximum Specific Gravity : 1.8                                     
- PP, PVDF, SUS for Liquid End Material