Body slimming device - Home-use Aesthetics Device for body shape of MDP Co., Ltd.


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Technical Details

Product Specifications & Performance
LLLT(Low Level Laser Therapy) Tech applied. 
-Laser Class: Class 3R (Low-level laser)
-Laser Diode Power output: 5mW(Max)
-PulseWidth/Frequency: 50us/ 4.46kHz
-Laser wavelength: 650-658nm
-Dimension: 120*50*130mm
-Weight: 130g
-Characteristics: Portable & Re-chargeable
-Materials: ABS
-Colors: Silver
-Operation temperature: 0~40C
-Charging time: About 3~4 hrs + (Depending on battery use environment)
-Charging Cable: 5V 2A Micro 5pin
-Operation mode
1) Continuous operation mode
2) Direct contact operation mode
-Safety device: Contact sensor
-Irradiation time: Max 30min (set in units of 10minutes)

*Manufacturer: MDP Co., Ltd.
*Product name: LaBD LU


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Description of the Product

Brand Name: LaBD LU
Body slimming device  - Home-use Aesthetics Device for body shape

LaBD LU is a home use aesthetics device and KC, FCC, PSE, C-Tick, CE and CU -approved for EMC. LU uses Low Level Laser and is effective for body shape managing at home. As a minimized device, very portable and usable any time anywhere. (One Set components : LU 2 pcs+ LU cleanser+ LU cream+ Band set+ Jelly Case+ USB Charging Cable).
In Korea, postnatal care centers sell it as a postnatal personal care product for mothers after using LaBD DAVAN Care.

LaBD LU using LD(Laser Diode), not LED, which is applied with Low Level Laser Technology(LLLT), emits laser reliably and accurately to reach subcutaneous layer. Unlike similar products, there is no physical stimulation or other pain at all, and it is easy to use because it excludes complex and difficult functions. Also, since devices are small and light, the key point is to be able to manage your body shape anytime, anywhere. 
The advantage of our product is that it's simple and easy to use, a user-friendly product and safe laser management is possible without any physical stimuli on the human body. Currently, there are many beauty products that use LEDs, but few equipment that use expensive LDs like ours. 

LaBD LU EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
World widely EMC Certified (Korea KC, EU CE, US FCC, Japan PSE, Australia C-tick and Russia 3 nations CU) and safe product !