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Semi-finished products, refined, special and tool steels
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Tan Van Phuc Trading & Production Co., Ltd.

Dai Toan Thang Steel Trading Co., Ltd.

Tan Loi Chau Trading Co. Ltd

Thép Tien Len

Phuong Loi Co., Ltd.

Saigon Corrugated Iron Trading Production Pte Ent

Ngoc Bien Steel Co., Ltd.

An Hien Pte Ent

Phu Thanh Co., Ltd.

Inter Pacific Co.

Quoc Tuan Steel Co., Ltd.

Phuong Tao Investment Steel S.J.C

Duy Tan Trading & Construction Co., Ltd.

Chanh Nguyen Steel Co.,Ltd

Lam Thanh Tai Trading Co. Ltd

Ngoc Le Trading & Production Pte Ent

Mangalam Steel & Alloys Limited

East Aisa Co. Ltd

Asia Steel J.S.C

Dong A Steel Co., Ltd.

Thien My Industry Co., Ltd.

Binh Tay Steel Wire Netting Joint Stock Co.

Hwata Vina Co., Ltd

Hasung Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Mai Phong Co. Ltd

Hoang Thai Co.,Ltd

An Binh Steel Co., Ltd.

Huynh Van Tan Pte Ent

Hwata Vina Co., Ltd.

Linh Nga Co., Ltd.

Hiep Phuoc Thanh Co., Ltd.

Duc Khanh Product & Trading Co. Ltd

Thanh Huy Trading & Service Co. Ltd

Hue Cuong Co. Ltd

Duc Tung Steel Co. Ltd

Tan My Pte Ent

Tan My Pte Ent

Quang Huy Co.,Ltd

Quang Huy Co. Ltd

Manh Tu Steel Co., Ltd.

Specialized Steel Technical Materials Co. Ltd

Thien Trang Pte Ent

Thien Phu Co., Ltd.

Trung Nam Co., Ltd.

Vietnam Source Co., Ltd.

Son Quoc Trading Pte Ent

Toan Phat Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Mayer Corp.

Quynh Ngoc Co.,Ltd.

Thai Binh Joint Stock Co.

Phuc Yen Pte Ent

Dai Thien Long Co., Ltd.

Saehwa-Bando Vina Co., Ltd.

Se AH Steel Vina Corp.

Thang Long Inox Co., Ltd.

Inox Sao Mai Co., Ltd.

Phat Dat Inox Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd.

Tuan Dat Metal Co. Ltd

Han Sam Manufacturing & Trading Co. Ltd

Phan Kieu Production & Trading Co., Ltd.

Trung Dung Trading & Production Co., Ltd.

Vinh Vuong Service Trade Co., Ltd.

Preif Vietnam Co.Ltd

Nippovina Co., Ltd.

Ns Saigon Coil Center Co.,Ltd

Toveco (Tovecan Factory)

Suncall Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd.

TF Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Luyen Kim Thanh Hoa Corporation

Vietnam Shine Co., Ltd

Vina Kyoei Steel Co., Ltd.

Truong Giang Cast Co., Ltd.

Material & Technical Services Import Export Joint Stock Co.

Tan Nghe An Joint Stock Co.

PEB Steel Rep Office

Thang Minh Pte Ent

Ba Tuong Pte Ent

Tuan Ngoc Nhi Co., Ltd.

Hoang Gia Huy Co., Ltd.

Viet Steel Machine & Products Co. Ltd

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